Hello Nomads,
it’s good to see you in here once again. On today’s episode of Nomadic Journals we have a special guest Pavel, who’s going to talk about his work on the changes in Planet Nomads building system, about the grudges of wheel physics and the upcoming thrusters and hovercrafts.

If you watch till the end you will see the procedural planets are slowly filling with water.
In other quick news, big events await for Planet Nomads in near future. We’ll be showcasing Planet Nomads at the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect Tel Aviv. It takes place on 1st – 3rd November. If you are around, come see Daniel. A guided tour around Tel Aviv will be highly appreciated too.
The second demoing of Planet Nomads will take place on the floor of GDS in Prague, the dates are set for 4th – 5th November.
Fly from Israel and go presenting for another two days they said, it will be fun they said… Fortunately there’ll be Maly Kuba and Pavel to back me up, and together we’ll survive against all odds.
Until next time, Nomads. We’ll be bringing more blog news after the conferences are over, but will keep you updated on Planet Nomads Twitter as both events unwind.