A sci-fi sandbox game of constructing your own planetary fate

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About Planet Nomads


Climate-Wide Biomes

Embark on a pole-to-pole expedition that is 200 kilometers long and full of changes.

Newtonian Physics

Mobile fortresses. Exploration buggies. Underground bases. It affects them all.

Nomadic Lifestyle

Constant danger becomes your everyday bread. The hi-tech suit helps but survival lies in your mind.

3D Printed Technology

3D print composite parts to build everything else. Block by block. Piece by piece.

Alien Artifacts

There’s farther to go. Ancient monuments hold the secrets of space-travel.

Natural Struggle

Will technology save you from storms, predators, radiation and poisons?

Mining & Constructing

Particle-manipulating XJB-600 multitool is your best friend. Dig tunnels. Mine resources. Weld things together.

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