In Planet Nomads you build useful things to earn a slim chance of staying alive as you uncover the mysteries of procedurally generated alien planets. You used up all your luck surviving a crash-landing on one such planet. From now on it’s all about wit and sheer determination. Your best shot is building a spaceship powerful enough to get you out of this mess.

Struggle for survival day and night

Having something to eat is just one item on your to-do-list

Build anything

Your imagination and engineering skills are all that matter

Explore your new home

Procedurally generated and fully destructible environments – the world is your playground

Keep unraveling new mysteries

Every surrounding poses different challenges, every planet holds its own secrets

Expand your reach

Unlocking new technology and putting things together will let you go far and wide

Cruise among the stars

Once you succeed building your own spaceship, a whole universe of planets opens up



Follow our bi-weekly developer blog where we reveal more details about Planet Nomads as the game evolves. Can’t wait to get a taste of Planet Nomads? Download the building demo now and create your first vehicle or space ship today. Free download for every interested Nomad out there, available on MAC, Linux and Windows.