Dearest Nomads,

It’s calendar marking time! We have two dates for you today. One is pretty soon and the other is even closer. And they are both awesome.

Planet Nomads Public Launch Date – 18th April 2017

This is the date most Nomads are looking forward to. All the Nomads out there and honestly all the Nomads in here. After the 2+ years of upbringing, Planet Nomads has grown up tall enough to get out there and dance with the best of them.

What does it mean – on April 18th you and everyone else will be able to buy and download the game on Steam (Early Access) or GOG (Games in Development). Feel free to put Planet Nomads on your Wishlists on these platforms to be reminded when the time comes.

Planet Nomads Release

Early Access / Games in Development

This approach to video-game publishing was introduced by Desura in 2011, followed by Steam (2013) and GOG (2016). It was a blessing to indie devs, who could publish their games earlier and continue working on them together with valuable feedback from players, energy boost and steady income for further work. After the years of use, Early Access has lost much of its former glitter and glory, its reputation tarnished with numerous titles that never got finished or were rubish to begin with.

Then again it has brought many good games to life and we still believe in this concept. We know it’s the perfect one for Planet Nomads – a sandbox game with so many mechanics to get right and features to add. We cannot be sure if you’ll love it as much as we do, but we promise you we’ve given it our all and will continue to do so for as long as we can.

What Will the Initial Release of Planet Nomads Include

The first public version of Planet Nomads will already have both survival and creative modes. You will have wheels and suspensions to build that car of your dreams. You will have over 50 blocks to build your base anywhere on the globe. In the icy tundra mountains, under the scorched desert sand, or in the boggy jungle under the tall rain forest trees.

Good knowledge of your surrounding. An engineering mind. These are the keys to your survival. There’s plenty of life all around you. Shrubs with berries, animals to hunt. But not all berries are edible and not all animals are prey in Planet Nomads. In Planet Nomads, you are the alien.

You can fight back with guns, but ammo will be scarce before you can manufacture your own. You can use your multi-tool for defense, but it will eat up your suit energy leaving no power for your jetpack and life-support systems.

It’s easier to live in some biomes, while the dangerous ones are more exciting and rewarding. The depths of the planet hide precious resources. Mine them well.

At first, it will be all ground action with vehicles, water action with hovercrafts and aerial action with the jetpack, but we will push out updates that will expand your reach. Transportation system between planets using the ancient technology found in alien monuments at first. Then you will build your first space ship and reach the open space, discovering new planets and galaxies.

How Do We Get There – Alpha Branch Update – 23rd March 2017

Together with our precious Alpha Nomads, who have been playing and fine-tuning Planet Nomads since August 2016, we will deliver the first publically available version of Planet Nomads to everyone.

In fifteen days, Alpha Nomads will receive an update to the closed-alpha version of Planet Nomads on Steam. It will include nearly all of the features of the public release. From that point on, we will have less than a month to create a stable, great-looking and most of all enjoyable sci-fi survival sandbox game on procedural planets with multiple biomes. Something that hasn’t been done in any other game yet (unless Mass Effect Andromeda has a great surprise for us).

Planet Nomads Alpha Update

Let’s start counting. It’s in days now…

PS: We can hardly express how glad we are to finally be here. How glad we are we haven’t walked the path alone. That we had so many Nomads with us on the journey. Thanks guys, you’re the best.