Nomadic Journals Ep. #4
7 Days to Alpha

August 18, 2016 by Daniel

Trying to explain all those improvements, optimizations and polishes that you are seeing on August Trello in this episode of Nomadic Journals.


Looks like things are happening. Fast.
-Tripled the number of PN website visits to over 1 thousand per day in the past 6 days. Even at 2,538 visits yesterday.
-As you can imagine, preorders are in-line with that increase AKA through the roof! August has already surpassed the post-Kickstarter levels, becoming the best month so far.
-Linux version garnering attention after contacting Gamingonlinux who covered Planet Nomads. Other Linux outlets got in touch too.
-This just in: MAC performance issues seem to be fixed.
-Requested and granted 2200 beta Steam keys. Given the increased preorders for alpha, it might not be enough though. (There’s 1440 KS backers and currently around 350 from the website).
-Distribution of the alpha through Steam secured and tested.
-New screenshots for Steam Coming Soon page in the making.
-We are very grateful to Youtube and Twitch streamers who got back to us. Looks like we will all have good content to watch on the 25th August.
-Alpha tier will be available on the website 7 days after alpha release – in other words until 1st September. If you are not sure whether alpha is for you, wait for the impressions and experiences of Alpha Nomads before making your decision.
-We are energized as much as our community of Nomads. Thanks for the alpha-hungry messages!
-7 days till blast off.
End of this news relation. Tune in for future updates leading to alpha release.