Here’s our vision for Planet Nomads:


Space exploration gone bad, you’ve crash-landed on an unknown planet. The first hours will be crucial as you only have limited supplies. With the help of a handy space suit and basic tools, you will need to secure food, find fresh water, build a shelter. The clock is ticking.


Once you’ve secured your basic needs it is time to focus on the long-term goals to avoid going mad. After all you are a castaway with zero chances of anyone doing any rescuing. Things look pretty grim. You’d better get busy.


Fortunately, only exceptional and highly skilled individuals were accepted for the space exploration mission with years of training to come and you are one of them – you have the skills to build wonders. With the right materials, any concept can be built into reality.





Without crafting you won’t get too far – literally and figuratively speaking. You will need to build some kind of vehicle to explore the vast planet surface and get to places of interest. You will need harvesters to dig and transport advanced materials. Processing the materials will require a lot of energy, so having powerful generators is a must. You will also need them to power your base of operations, your defenses and other facilities necessary for survival and progressing further.





Advanced materials will be rare, scattered across the planet and will require you to go on search missions. They could be hidden in a pitch-dark, possibly dangerous cave, burried deep underneath, or hard to reach due to life threatening environment. If you decide to go nomadic in a mobile house you will need to constantly check for food and water (that is until you progress far enough to craft self-sufficient facilities). Strange alien monuments visible on the horizon may also be worth exploring.





You already know about the food and water. You will also need to defend yourself against hostile alien life forms. Be able to survive extreme conditions – think radiation, severe temperatures, poisonous atmosphere… Live through power shortages.





Eventually, with enough work and wit, you will get to a point where a lot of your everyday worries will be automated and you may fully focus on the first big goal – building a spaceship to fly off the planet. It will take time, but we promise it won’t be time wasted and spent in frustration.





We’ll be adding more ways to play and things to do after the initial release. Expect multiplayer with player interactions, be that hostile engagement or cooperative play, to begin with.