What are the system requirements?

May 24, 2015 by Daniel

Optimization is a big priority for us. We are using Unity to its full potential, utilizing multiple CPU threads and have written our own procedural terrain generation engine in native C++ speeding up the algorithm calculations and providing a seamless game world with no loading screens. The planets of our sandbox game can be up to 120 km in diameter.


Our current (alpha) version runs smoothly on the following specs:
Minimum Requirements (Medium Details, around 30 FPS):
CPU: i3 – 6300 / AMD FX 6300
NVIDIA GTX 550ti / R7 260x
Recommended Requirements (Ultra Details):
i5 4690 / AMD FX 8370
GTX 960 / R9 280x/380


The game will allow customizing the graphic settings and level of detail to fit your rig.