Planet Nomads doesn’t exist in vacuum, so it’s only natural people are comparing it to other games of the sandbox genre. There are many sandbox games out there which have done things right and boast features we love. When playing these games we always had this “if only I could…” feeling and we thought combining building with exploration and survival features, bringing all the three together and putting them on the same level of importance and complexity, would make for one hell of a sandbox game, which is how Planet Nomads came to be.


PN gives you total creative freedom to build anything you want, to organize and live your nomadic life the way you want, in a world that changes around you as you explore each planet’s climate zones with their unique biomes.


We believe no other game combines the massive scale lego-style building with having a purpose and multiple environments to interact with the way Planet Nomads does.


How big of a dent we’re going to make in the genre of survival sandbox games remains to be seen.