Brief Description

A sci-fi sandbox game of creation and survival. You're stranded on a strange planet with nothing but a few tools and your imagination.


Planet Nomads is a sandbox game of survival through building. As a lone scientist crash-landing on a beautiful, but unforgiving alien planet, your wit and craftiness will determine your fate in the upcoming days. Salvage all you can from the shipwreck and build something useful. A shelter for protection against the elements and curious creatures. A vehicle to expand your reach. When you've covered your basic survival needs, start a journey towards those strange monuments shining on the horizon, explore lairs of dangerous beasts and discover places with rare materials. All in the pursuit of building a spaceship that will take you to other planets.

What we love about sandbox games are the endless possibilities. We're designing Planet Nomads to be able to gradually expand its game world and keep adding new content and mechanics. Those we already have in mind and also those that will come up later – directly from people playing Planet Nomads in its early phase.


  • Creation, survival and exploration are equally important
  • Planet Nomads supports lego-style building on a large scale
  • Building a spaceship capable of interplanetary travel is the first end goal
  • Procedurally generated strange worlds with intricate biomes
  • Open design - to easy add new mechanics and features as the game grows
  • Windows, MAC and Linux & VR

Release Date

Successfully Kickstarted in February 2016
Closed Alpha for KS and PayPal backers on 25th August 2016
Early Access on Steam Q1 2017


We have demo of the building part of the game. Download from here.

Download Planet Nomads logo with transparency.


Reveal Trailer YouTube

Kickstarter Teaser YouTube



There are far more images available for Planet Nomads, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Rewards and Accolades

  • "Players Choice: Best Upcoming Indie 2016 - 3rd Place"
    - 28th December, 2016,
  • "People’s Choice Award"
    - 16th April, 2016, Game Access
  • "Best Graphics Nomination"
    - 16th April, 2016, Game Access
  • "Voted TOP5 Best Upcoming Indie of 2015 by players at Indie DB IOTY"
    - 27th December, 2015,

We are Craneballs, a team of 20 youngsters located in Ostrava, a fierce city in the Czech Republic reborn from the ashes of its coal industry heritage. We’ve been making mobile games as a team since 2009 – our biggest success came with Overkill in 2011, which reached #1 on iPhone US charts.

Since then the original shooter game turned into series, and each new installment was a huge leap forward for us as far as game development goes. While the first Overkill was completely 2D, we already had 3D enemies and gun models in Overkill 2. The last one, Overkill 3, was our biggest game yet – full 3D world, 3rd person shooter, also our first game in Unity. We learned a lot about 3D modeling, did our own character animations in our newly set-up mocap studio. It truly was our biggest game… until now.



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