Get a taste of Planet Nomads building and crafting. Download the Building Editor to try your imagination and engineering skills.


Download for WIN, MAC or Linux




What is the Editor all about?

We’re releasing the Editor to demonstrate the “free-building mode” of Planet Nomads. You’ll be able to create tanks, buggies, mining vehicles, mobile fortresses… also all kinds of structures and basically anything you come up with.


We want to show you the potential of Planet Nomads and we want to show you we don’t fool around.


So give it a try and tell us whether you share our enthusiasm for Planet Nomads. Can’t wait to read your reactions on our forum.

The Editor is available for everyone for free. Simply download it directly, unzip and you’re good to go.




Planet Nomads Sandbox Game - Berserker Truck
Planet Nomads Sandbox Game - Editor GUI