To all our Alpha Nomads out there – the long awaited survival update to the alpha branch has arrived!

To start with a warning – this update will delete all your previous saves so proceed with caution. For that reason we have made the update opt-in only.

1) Go to your Steam Library
2) Right click on Planet Nomads, select Properties
3) Go to BETAS tab and select’closed_alpha-survival_update’


Getting Your Keys for Public Launch

Nomads who haven’t backed at the Alpha tier and higher – it’s just a little longer till you play now. Exactly three weeks and three days. Planet Nomads will launch as Early Access on Steam and Games in Development on GOG on 18th April.

We know this can get confusing between alpha and Early Access, but these days Early Access is considered open beta.

You’re going to receive your keys in an e-mail from us on 18th April. So you can grab the code, activate it and play the game right away.


There is no difference in the way Planet Nomads are played and updated Steam and GOG. It can be played offline on both platforms. Still, we know some of you prefer GOG over Steam and we’re here to assist with that.

Sometime next week, we’ll be sending out an e-mail survey your way. If you want GOG key, please select GOG in the e-mail. If you want STEAM key, select STEAM or don’t do anything at all – Steam keys will be sent out as default.

Watch Planet Nomads Taking Shape

In any case, check the 10th episode of Nomadic Journals where we sum up all the new content coming in today’s update and have a great time!

Alpha Feedback
As for our Alpha Nomads – you know the drill. Post your feedback on the current state of the alpha. Time and difficulty balances, user experience and friendliness of the controls and GUIs. We need your input to improve Planet Nomads.

Use the alpha forum and be specific with your thoughts.

Thank you and enjoy the new update. We wish you as little dying as possible.

Attention Nomads
The Launch Date & Alpha Update

Dearest Nomads,

It’s calendar marking time! We have two dates for you today. One is pretty soon and the other is even closer. And they are both awesome.

Planet Nomads Public Launch Date – 18th April 2017

This is the date most Nomads are looking forward to. All the Nomads out there and honestly all the Nomads in here. After the 2+ years of upbringing, Planet Nomads has grown up tall enough to get out there and dance with the best of them.

What does it mean – on April 18th you and everyone else will be able to buy and download the game on Steam (Early Access) or GOG (Games in Development). Feel free to put Planet Nomads on your Wishlists on these platforms to be reminded when the time comes.

Planet Nomads Release

Early Access / Games in Development

This approach to video-game publishing was introduced by Desura in 2011, followed by Steam (2013) and GOG (2016). It was a blessing to indie devs, who could publish their games earlier and continue working on them together with valuable feedback from players, energy boost and steady income for further work. After the years of use, Early Access has lost much of its former glitter and glory, its reputation tarnished with numerous titles that never got finished or were rubish to begin with.

Then again it has brought many good games to life and we still believe in this concept. We know it’s the perfect one for Planet Nomads – a sandbox game with so many mechanics to get right and features to add. We cannot be sure if you’ll love it as much as we do, but we promise you we’ve given it our all and will continue to do so for as long as we can.

What Will the Initial Release of Planet Nomads Include

The first public version of Planet Nomads will already have both survival and creative modes. You will have wheels and suspensions to build that car of your dreams. You will have over 50 blocks to build your base anywhere on the globe. In the icy tundra mountains, under the scorched desert sand, or in the boggy jungle under the tall rain forest trees.

Good knowledge of your surrounding. An engineering mind. These are the keys to your survival. There’s plenty of life all around you. Shrubs with berries, animals to hunt. But not all berries are edible and not all animals are prey in Planet Nomads. In Planet Nomads, you are the alien.

You can fight back with guns, but ammo will be scarce before you can manufacture your own. You can use your multi-tool for defense, but it will eat up your suit energy leaving no power for your jetpack and life-support systems.

It’s easier to live in some biomes, while the dangerous ones are more exciting and rewarding. The depths of the planet hide precious resources. Mine them well.

At first, it will be all ground action with vehicles, water action with hovercrafts and aerial action with the jetpack, but we will push out updates that will expand your reach. Transportation system between planets using the ancient technology found in alien monuments at first. Then you will build your first space ship and reach the open space, discovering new planets and galaxies.

How Do We Get There – Alpha Branch Update – 23rd March 2017

Together with our precious Alpha Nomads, who have been playing and fine-tuning Planet Nomads since August 2016, we will deliver the first publically available version of Planet Nomads to everyone.

In fifteen days, Alpha Nomads will receive an update to the closed-alpha version of Planet Nomads on Steam. It will include nearly all of the features of the public release. From that point on, we will have less than a month to create a stable, great-looking and most of all enjoyable sci-fi survival sandbox game on procedural planets with multiple biomes. Something that hasn’t been done in any other game yet (unless Mass Effect Andromeda has a great surprise for us).

Planet Nomads Alpha Update

Let’s start counting. It’s in days now…

PS: We can hardly express how glad we are to finally be here. How glad we are we haven’t walked the path alone. That we had so many Nomads with us on the journey. Thanks guys, you’re the best.

Nomadic Journals #9
The Team is Talking

Hello Nomads,

A new episode of Nomadic Journals is here and this time around you get to meet and hear the whole team talking! With the exception of Pavel, who had university duties. Pretty sure he’ll make it up to you.

Take a good look at everything and everyone.

In a nutshell we are going to have the update for Alpha Nomads in March and Planet Nomads will open for public in April. We are deciding about the exact dates based on several criteria (basically the best combination of the time needed to prepare everything and a good launch date timing). We will have the exact dates for you fairly soon, Nomads.

Thanks for your time and curiosity and take care!

Early Access Packed
with Creative and Survival Modes

With the considerable amount of dev work left and the launch of Mass Effect Andromeda in March, we are more and more looking at April as the launch month for Planet Nomads Early Access. Remember however that Alpha Nomads will have the Early Access build available a month before everyone else – already in March.

Now let’s take a look at one part of the considerable amount of work and that’s the survival mode, closely followed by creative mode. These are the initial two modes you can expect in Planet Nomads. How’s the gameplay different in each one?

Survival Mode
The bread & butter of Planet Nomads. If you read through these features carefully, you’ll be better able to visualize the everyday struggles of the nomadic life.

The defining feature of survival gameplay is death. Players can die and if you do, you respawn either at one of your cryo-beds or in the escape module.

To avoid death, you’ll want to keep a healthy life-style. Eat good food (veggies!), drink pure water, sleep enough and avoid poisons, injuries and radioactivity. Your body will reward you with more energy throughout your work day, let you endure more, run faster, and so on. Conversely, if you punish your body with cold or heat or radiation, you will suffer movement penalties, vision impairment, deteriorating health and eventually complete shutdown of bodily functions.

You won’t be alone on the newly crash-discovered planet. Various creatures will be there to make you company, and while some will be a good source of protein for you, others will want to suck the protein from your marrow-bones. It will be up to you to discover which animals to hunt and which to avoid.

When you decide to build things, you will be placing skeletons and welding them to their final stage. Building in survival mode will require materials that you need to find, mine and refine in 3D printers. Those 3D printers and all other functional blocks like wheels, doors and lights need to be powered by generators, which in turn need fuel to generate electricity.

You will use the newly developed multi-tool to mine, weld and cut things through.

Creative Mode

The main goal of the creative mode is to let you build with ease and try things out. Everything from the game-design perspective is made with this goal in mind.

Your Nomad character will be invincible. You will have unlimited energy for jet-pack and the tool. Building is instantaneous as seen in the alpha version and doesn’t require any materials (in fact, player inventory will not be part of the creative mode). Building blocks can be removed by right click. All building blocks are at your disposal, and while functional blocks require electricity from generators, the generators themselves don’t need fuel and run 24/7 forever. You may fast-forward the night and enjoy daylight all day long.

Animals will not be part of the creative mode as we want you to discover them in their natural habitat – full of fear and anticipation.

In creative mode you may save and load at will.

Game Development Progress

Some of the above will be taken from the alpha or has already been developed. We’re going to rework tool-handling animations as the tool and its handling is new. The player attributes and conditions are coded in. We have been working on animals – their visual evolution, animations and sound effects. Together with the AI that will guide their movement and behavior (nearly finished). We are working on the skeletons for the building blocks (1 stages each). Half of the harvestable and edible fruits and veggies are in. Skipping the night is work in progress at the moment. Inventories of the player, printers, workbenches, generators and containers are in. New, more hi-tech status GUI (or HUD) is in the making! Sound effects are a huge category that’s constantly expanding.

The first two biomes – deep forest and jungle – are all done. Both visually and gameplay-wise. The density and dispersal of mineable ores and crystals are set. As well as the spread of edible plants, bushes and trees. Populating the animals coming in shortly.

This is how the new jungle looks today (Early Access version).

Planet Nomads Jungle

The badlands are next for Petr to put in the necessary game-design elements.

Badlands biome

More news and biomes coming in the next episode of Nomadic Journals. Bits and pieces leaking on Twitter and added on Trello too.

Thanks for following the development and stay cool, Nomads!

Nomadic Journals #8
Survival Mechanics and Early Access Release Schedule

Hello Nomads,

In the last blog post, we’ve let you know the details of the Early Access launch. In this episode of Nomadic Journals, we’re going to show you the progress being made on the survival part of Planet Nomads.

Thanks to jdemacek the Rarest Material Now Has Its Name

We’ve run a naming contest for the most precious building material that can be found in Planet Nomads.

The winner is “jdemacek”. We’ve taken his proposed name, made it just a wee bit more alienish with the mighty X, and so from now on all Nomads will be craving to find a rich vein of Xaenite.

The jokester prize goes undeniably to “talitore” for “Orgasmium. Should represent the feeling you get when you find it.”

Congratulations guys, please get in touch so you can collect your prizes!

More to come, Nomads, more to come.

Early Access, New Lava World and
What’s to Happen in 2017

Hello Nomads and welcome to the first blog post of the new year. It’s been quite some time and you must be wondering what’s up. Let’s take a look.
Road to Early Access

We’ve had good results with the way we launched the Alpha of Planet Nomads, so we are going to use a similar approach with Early Access. Only this time we’ll use the help of Alpha Nomads too.
There will be a feature lock-down towards the release of the first Early Access version. Instead of adding new features, we will do intense testing together with Alpha Nomads and then some bug hunting/fixing. That way we can launch a stable game together, get positive reviews on Steam and GOG and secure a bright future for Planet Nomads and its further development.
There will be at least one major update available to Alpha Nomads before the Early Access launch, which will include the updated visuals and the rest of Planet Nomads – the game.
As you may have guessed from Trello, the months leading to Early Access are all about creating the gameplay – to be able to have survival mode we must add material mining and processing, recipes for all building blocks and crafted items, 3D printers, containers and generators with interfaces, player conditions, deadly threats… The list goes on and on and it will be no small task. You will be part of it all, Nomads.
In the next episode of Nomadic Journals, we will have Peter cover the ins and outs of the Early Access version and what’s going to be in it.
We see the Early Access launch of Planet Nomads in March or beginning of April. The final date depends on the development speed and other gaming titles being released at the time. Most importantly – you’ll know the date long before launch.

Naming the Rarest and Hardest-to-Find Material in the Whole Universe

We are running a naming contest with Alpha Keys as prize. You may suggest yours before Friday’s 5 pm. It’s no biggie – it’s just naming the most desired building material, which will be known by everyone. Check the forum.
In December Last Year

Although we were mostly vacationing during the holidays, many people on the team couldn’t take a rest for that long. They worked on finishing and improving their parts. One of these people was Kubat. To make himself warm in the winter he created a lava world. The lava world is the first biome created specifically with the new PBR shader in mind. We introduced it last year.
Lava Word in Planet Nomads 1
Lava Word in Planet Nomads 2
Lava Word in Planet Nomads at Night


We find it pretty impressive. More biomes to come, including underwater ones.
Nomads Have Been Busy

You have backed Planet Nomads once again and voted for it on IndieDB, making our sandbox game the Best Upcoming Indie of 2016. You pushed it two positions higher than the last year, with Planet Nomads ending on a lovely third place.

Anything else? You bet! New website for Planet Nomads in the making. It will better reflect the production value of this sci-fi video-game and help it stand out in the myriad of Early Access survival titles of questionable quality.
It also seems to be a good time to make a new trailer for the Early Access release, don’t you think? With the updated visuals and gameplay finally taken in the game.
Guinness World Records 2017
Oh and one more thing! Thanks to Cobra TV, Planet Nomads is now forever a part of the Gamer’s Edition of Guinness World Records ( Planet Nomads is on page 125).
Thank you Cobra, thank you Nomads, stay tuned for more!

You’ve Made 2016 Great, Nomads

We’d like to take a moment to wish you Merry Holidays and most of all, we would like to thank you for being the most incredible game community we’ve ever had around a game.

Planet Nomads wouldn’t be here without you.

We had the best time developing Planet Nomads.

We are going to launch the game together soon.

We are going to keep growing the game and adding features.

All the best in 2017, Nomads!

Let’s all keep rocking together.

Nomadic Journals #7
Alpha Update is Out, Graphics Overhaul Is Spectacular

Dearest Nomads,
We hope you will love the glimpse of how Planet Nomads is going to look when it launches in Q1 next year. We’re hoping it’s going to be among the best looking sandbox survival games out there. Well, watch and see if you agree with us.

Two things to ask you we have.
1) Alpha Feedback – Big Blocks Building

If you are an Alpha Nomad, please give us feedback on the building with the new prefabs and how should the new building system work and what it should incorporate. Use our forum for that.
2) Vote for Planet Nomads on IndieDB

It’s that time of the year again. Will we beat #5 from last year?
Please Vote for Planet Nomads on IndieDB

Bonus) Alpha Access Available for a Limited Time

If you’ve missed your chance in September, you now have a second one. Check out the PREORDER page and play Planet Nomads now.


Thank you, Nomads, and have a spectacular day!

New Camera Effects from Unity 5.4.2 Look Fantastic,
Update Info, GDC and CC Wrap-Up

The blog has run into a one-week delay with the Casual Connect gaming conference last week in Tel Aviv, together with GDS Prague on Friday and Saturday. Casual Connect was not the best fit for Planet Nomads as the conference focuses on mobile games and not many attendees had the patience for a game with so many complex mechanics.
We’ve learned our lesson and will be presenting a build with a huge theme park in the future, with many things already built to stimulate people’s imagination. GDS was much better as Planet Nomads took compliments from gaming industry veterans who worked on hit titles like DayZ and Arma3 and are now creating their own brand of a sandbox game called Take on Mars. We’ve exchanged good tips with each other.
So while Game Access in Brno in May was amazing and full of eager sandbox players, there were only five at Casual Connect, and this one was the greatest of them.
Biggest Sandbox Games Fan
Together we’ve figured out a vehicle design that never flips over. Works every time, although riding upside down can be hard on the stomach.
Daniel has also enjoyed the company of fellow Polish developers from Qubic, who were demoing their arcade space shooter Robonauts right next to Planet Nomads.
Tel Aviv is a marvelous city, where the old and the new meet, and we’ve certainly enjoyed summer temperatures compared to our country’s temperatures coming to a freeze.
Nomads in Tel Aviv
The hostel where we lived had the dopest chill out roof.
Nomads on the Roof of Tel Aviv
In Prague, Maly Kuba and Pavel joined Daniel, as well as Jindra and Vlada from the Craneballs mobile division. Here’s our booth with the classic roll-up, planetary beam lighthouse and Pavel in action.
Planet Nomads GDS 2016

Unity 5.4.2 and Its New Camera (Post-Processing) Effects

We’ve updated Planet Nomads to Unity 5.4.2 and Kubat has fallen in love with the possibilities it provides, and we believe you will fall in love with the new visuals too.
Planet Nomads Romantic Sunset
Planet Nomads Desert Unity 5.4.2
Planet Nomads Forest in Unity 5.4.2
PN Beach

These screenshots are taken directly from the developer branch of Planet Nomads. It is currently not generating world objects as it should, as Tomas is improving the underlying system of generation, but we should have it fixed tomorrow. Expect this post updated with more screenshots. (Edit: Beach screen added!)

Developer branch vs Alpha Branch

Which brings us to the question “When will Alpha Nomads be able to play this version?” It won’t be this year. The developer branch is currently unplayable; player controls, world generation, the interface, building, physics, everything is still under detailed scrutiny and rework. The Alpha Nomads are constantly on our mind and we are working to put the dev branch together and release to Alpha Nomads early next year, long before the public release of Planet Nomads on Steam Early Acccess and GOG Games in Development.
There is an update coming on 1st December though! It will include the big blocks we uploaded on Trello some time ago. Walls, wall corners, new flooring, ceiling, stairs and more.
Wall at Night
Planet Nomads Big Floor
Big Blocks Sunset
Thank you for your interest in the development of Planet Nomads, the upcoming PC sandbox game, which ties survival, exploration and building in a way that has never been done before. It’s launching in Q1 2017.

Nomadic Journals Ep. #6
New Building System, Thrusters, Hovercrafts on Water

Hello Nomads,
it’s good to see you in here once again. On today’s episode of Nomadic Journals we have a special guest Pavel, who’s going to talk about his work on the changes in Planet Nomads building system, about the grudges of wheel physics and the upcoming thrusters and hovercrafts.

If you watch till the end you will see the procedural planets are slowly filling with water.
In other quick news, big events await for Planet Nomads in near future. We’ll be showcasing Planet Nomads at the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect Tel Aviv. It takes place on 1st – 3rd November. If you are around, come see Daniel. A guided tour around Tel Aviv will be highly appreciated too.
The second demoing of Planet Nomads will take place on the floor of GDS in Prague, the dates are set for 4th – 5th November.
Fly from Israel and go presenting for another two days they said, it will be fun they said… Fortunately there’ll be Maly Kuba and Pavel to back me up, and together we’ll survive against all odds.
Until next time, Nomads. We’ll be bringing more blog news after the conferences are over, but will keep you updated on Planet Nomads Twitter as both events unwind.