Dearest Nomads,
We hope you will love the glimpse of how Planet Nomads is going to look when it launches in Q1 next year. We’re hoping it’s going to be among the best looking sandbox survival games out there. Well, watch and see if you agree with us.

Two things to ask you we have.
1) Alpha Feedback – Big Blocks Building

If you are an Alpha Nomad, please give us feedback on the building with the new prefabs and how should the new building system work and what it should incorporate. Use our forum for that.
2) Vote for Planet Nomads on IndieDB

It’s that time of the year again. Will we beat #5 from last year?
Please Vote for Planet Nomads on IndieDB

Bonus) Alpha Access Available for a Limited Time

If you’ve missed your chance in September, you now have a second one. Check out the PREORDER page and play Planet Nomads now.


Thank you, Nomads, and have a spectacular day!