The second episode of Nomadic Journals is here and brings you biome blending – from the tech background to in-game footage. Main character flying around with his trusty jet-pack and tools. And the first weather particle effects too. But let’s not spoiler any further – have a look on your own.


What Happened at Unite Europe

The three days of Unite Europe were extremely demanding, and it wasn’t because the conference took place in Amsterdam. We presented Planet Nomads to about 30-40 people each day, very likely totaling more than a hundred presentations over the three days of the conference. A few people got on-board for closed-alpha too. It was good to see immediate results of the indie showcase.
Besides that we got to meet some of the people from Unity we’ve been in touch and got to see first hand what the future holds. Unity has doubled it’s size over the last year. They are making huge leaps with their engine, and we’re happy to be part of these exciting times. The power of the engine can be seen in the short movie called Adam, rendered real-time in Unity. We saw part two over there and you’re in for a treat when they release it on Youtube. There are some neat technical tricks used in the film, which will be available to developers this month and we can’t wait to try those in Planet Nomads.
Coming back to our showcase – here’s the whole process of building a vehicle in the Planet Nomads tech-demo build, a fairly complex endeavor at first, and we’re reworking the building part for closed-alpha. We’ll present the Build Vision to you pretty soon.



We’re getting there, Nomads. Thanks for sticking with us throughout the development. It is so much better to push forward, knowing you’re out there with high expectations for the game. Take care and stay with us.