First of all, thanks to our marvelous super fans, who raised £96,045 on Planet Nomads Kickstarter. You and 4,106 other backers successfully Kickstarted the further development of Planet Nomads.
The crowdfunding continues on Planet Nomads website. If you’re not friends with plastic cards, but like PayPal, you too now have a chance to preorder Planet Nomads and support its development.
We’ll be reaching out to all backers next week regarding the rewards, physical add-onds, forum badges, wrecks, monuments, Steam keys, digital copies… all of it.
Throughout the past 4 weeks, we’ve posted a couple interesting updates on Kickstarter, you should definitely check them out in case you missed them before.
Besides pictures and information, there have been videos! They are all listed below, one click away. The physics gameplay video will surely be of interest.
After we successfully manage the post-Kickstarter rush, things will go back to the usual and we’ll be updating you on development progress with our developer blog posts. We are also looking forward to doing more developer video updates too.






Thank you, Nomads. Ride on!