The end of 2015 gave us the well needed rest and you added a great gift in the form of ubelievable support. You voted Planet Nomads TOP 5 Best Upcoming Indie of 2015. We could have hardly wished for a better start to 2016. We also hope you survived the New Year’s celebrations and are ready to follow the journey of Planet Nomads in 2016. Let’s have a look at the game mechanics governing your main character.
Main Character Attributes
To survive in the outside world you will need to take care of four bodily attributes; they are health, stamina, hunger and thirst. They all affect each other.
Health is pretty straightforward, when it drops to zero, you drop to the ground. You can be injured by direct attacks or sustain damage over time through poison or radiation. You can heal yourself by crafting medications, regenerate life by being well fed and watered and partially by sleeping.
Stamina is the second most important attribute as it enables you to do all the things you do in your everyday nomadic life. When you are well rested you can run faster, but after several hours of activity you start to slow down and once fatique really kicks in, you cannot jump or sprint at all. You can craft emergency adrenaline shots and use caffeine pills to extend the mission time, but they come at a cost and sleep is your stamina’s best friend.
Hunger is your enemy, but being well fed is great! With full belly you regenerate health, work faster and don’t lose stamina. Hunger on the other hand negatively affects the speed of mining, cutting and welding and drains stamina much faster.
Being hydrated is similar to being well fed – you don’t lose stamina and regenarate health. Conversely, thirst increases stamina drain. Good hydration affects your thermoregulation and helps combat the negative effects of unsuitable temperatures.
Temperature Effects

Save for health, external temperature directly affects all character attributes. Although your suit helps equalize temperature fluctuations, it’s not magical. Cold increases fatique and hunger as you need more energy to stay warm, while hot temperatures dehydrate your body and increase fatique. Temperature is mostly defined by the environment & climate, but other sources of heat like fire or engines will also affect the temperatures around you.
Preparing for Kickstarter

We can now confirm 21st January as the starting date for Planet Nomads Kickstarter. You can look forward to new footage from the game and detailed information on the project. We hope the stretch goals will clearly show the scope of Planet Nomads. There will be very cool early bird tiers there, so if you’re reading this, you just got yourself a nice head start.
You Too Can Help with the Successful Launch of Kickstarter

One of the tools we want to use to fire up the Kickstarter on this date is Thunderclap. It allows everyone to join together in a single moment and speak in a powerful unison on Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr. Lend your voice to Planet Nomads and on 21st January we flood the internetz together. Thunderclap automatically sends a single Facebook status or tweet or Tumblr post for you at a specified time. For Planet Nomads that’s 21st January 23:30 Central European Time. Check the message we’ll be sending for Planet Nomads.