With that spooky day nearing, we thought we could add some horror of our own. We’re here today to present two cutesy pets you will learn to love!
WormlingMr. Wormling lives underground and has no eyes. He uses his other senses to navigate around and smell his prey. He eats other, smaller worms, and, once we design them, rodents straight in their underground burrows. Wormling is very slow, similarly to snails from Earth and has a hard time catching his food. For that reason he slows down and incapacitates his food by, well, basically vomiting on it. Since wormling has very little teeth, his gastric juices do most of the digestion, inside and also outside his stomach. Not only are the juices rich in Vitamin C, but they also burn through tissue like a hot knife through butter. Be careful around cave entrances and inside the caves. Although wormling will not directly attack you, he will vomit on you if you get too close.
Wormling never sleeps!


McFlyDespite the three evil-looking sucker things this fly will not suck you dry. It sucks, but not brains. However it could send its sting through your skull, if aroused. The sting is about the size of coming out of the other side of a human head, so arousing is not recommended. Don’t get too close and no sudden moves. Other than that, this fly will be happily buzzing around, sucking the nectar of exotic plants that are highly nutritious and allow it to grow to the size of a regular sized pumpkin. The fly needs to see a lot of flowers every day and hangs out at places with high concentration of them. In other words, that’s were you will find the fly or two, so don’t (accidentally) stomp on them. Getting stung in the foot will hurt like hell and the mild poison will turn it into a big foot. No kidding.
Obviously, as every human is unique so is every Mr. Wormling and every fly. Different size, different color, all thanks to the marvels of diverse diet and also substancing.
1. Bon app├ętit!
2. Give me a buzz, will you?