Yesterday we announced the contest for the Best Escape Pod design created in our building Editor/game demo. The winning creation will play a huge role in the upcoming announcement video and the winner will be featured in the video closing credits by their name or nickname.


The only requirement for the escape pod is that you use the thrusters (newly added in the Editor version 1.0.5) and the building block named Cockpit Small.


The rest of the pod design is fully in your creative hands, you can draw inspiration from your favorite sci-fi movie or game or you can simply tap the hidden corners of your imagination.


We did our best impressions and submitted them to the Contest thread, but frankly, we are in dire need of your help if we want the announcement video to drop jaws.


It was your fellow Nomad going by the nickname Karakas who set the bar real high and overshadowed our puny attempts. As you can see in the pictures below. His current design is missing the Cockpit block, but we’re positive he’s working on an updated version that will include it.


Will you rival his current supremacy with a design of your own? We surely hope so and we’ll make it worth your while. The winner’s creation will be immortalized in the official announcement video for Planet Nomads and your name will feature prominently in the ending credits.


Don’t forget, the deadline for submission is Monday noon (Central European Time)!


Submit your pods to this FORUM thread.
-Karakas’ First Submission
-His pod has got what it takes to survive out there.
-Submission from our very own Lead Programmer Tomas