We often use “we” and “the team” and “people creating Planet Nomads”, but who are we? Who are these mad monsters that decided to go head over heels into developing their biggest game yet?
There’s currently 10 of us directly involved with Planet Nomads, you can check our polygonized selfs in the newly opened section of the Planet Nomads website, aptly named TEAM. As you’ll see, some of us spend way too much time glued to a computer screen.
The Happy FewBut there’s more of us here. The whole Craneballs pack count oscillates around 20 happy individuals. We’re happy because we had our dreams come true. Imagine you are a gamer in your twenties, deciding what to do with your life. It’s a tough one. And now imagine that one day you learn there’s a gaming company located only 30 kms from your home. And they are hiring!
This is our storyIt was made possible by the 3 co-founders, who one day thought `Aah, screw webdesign and logos and newsletters… let’s make games.’ That was back in 2009. In 2011 Overkill happened, making lots and lots of dollars. Enough that the three friends who started all this could put their feet up high and never work again. But instead, they decided to give purpose to youngsters in their twenties, hand picking every single one and teaching them how to make games. At first we all had very little experience with game making. Before Craneballs we were gamers. Six years later, after a considerable amount of trial and error, ups and downs, hard work and awesome fun, we are still here, stronger than ever, making our first PC game. The Holy Grail of gaming.
Craneballs has built enough reputation to attract talents from Bohemia Interactive (ARMA Series) and 2K Czech (Mafia Series). People learned the craft here and grew big enough to land jobs at other renown Czech companies, such as MadFinger Games and Warhorse studios.
We have known each other for a very long time now. We all come from different backgrounds, but we share the same passion for games. And it shows. We love working together and we’re having fun. We believe the games we make are that better for it.
But that will be for you to decide, Nomads.