With no further ado, we would like to congratulate verticalspeed for winning the Emergency Module Design Contest! You sir, have designed an escape module we would all love to crash with one day.
Selecting the winner was no easy task. Truth be told, we had a series of heated debates over which one to choose. The majority of creations you submitted to the contest are true marvels and had us nodding with respect and appreciation. We are very grateful to every single Nomad who participated in our contest. It shows how much you care and gives meaning to what we are creating here. We promise this was not the last contest. Seeing how much fun you had, we’ll do our best to come up with more competitions with attractive prizes.
What pushed us to select the VS-47 Stenocara as the winner of the contest were its outstanding technical specifications paired with reasonable pricing. We did our own intensive field testing and are happy to confirm the Stenocara lives up to its proclaimed characteristics.
Excerpt from Stenocara’s Technical Specifications by Vertical Speed IndustriesVertical Speed Industries is proud to present the VS-47 Stenocara. VSI’s premier survival pod for modern deep space operations.
The VS-47 Stenocara features all the amenities a Planet Nomad may require when pit against a survival situation. From strong yet comfortable living space and shelter from the elements, to construction and resource management tools and hefty internal and external cargo capacity. The Stenocara has it all for your life prolonging processes among the stars.
Access and egress is made through the belly hatch, located mid-ship. Experimental Stenocara builds featured a top access door, but testing found that in the event of damage or pressure loss, the top-mounted door would not protect the occupant from the elements as per VS Industries standards. Revisions were made at a high cost, but of extreme importance to VSI, and our clients.
The Stenocara has an impressive nineteen Iroquois DS-31-B6 ion drive power-plants. As well, 44 high-efficiency solar panel arrays, which charge 8 Tesla T4 batteries.
The nose of the Stenocara is fitted with a fixed-mount machine gun for basic protection requirements. Two 400L pressure tanks, and two standard cargo bins are located in the nose as well. For forward navigation, the VS-47 is outfitted with four high-power LED tube lights.
The VS-47 has a total of 4 400 Liter pressure tanks, for whatever gaseous or liquid storage you may require. Also, side-mounted are two variable drill heads; The drills require manual relocation to the forward parts of the pod in order to be used. Or, optionally, may be removed and affixed to a secondary ship.
Cost per unit: 124,999.00 Canadian Dollars.VSI offers fleet purchase plans for any order of 20 (twenty) pods or more.

All applicable, regulatory safety items in which The Vertical Speed Industries VS-47 Stenocara, and its systems and equipment are associated with, but not withheld or withstanding, are set forth by the Galactic Empire for Nomadic Exploration and Civilization Advancement, G.E.N.E.C.A.
1) Contest finalists
2) VS-47 Stenocara – Top-Side View
3) Test results – after simulated failure of all engines and gliding-executed emergency landing, the Stenocara held in one piece. An impressive feat of engineering excellence.