If you are dying to know more about the game (and we know you are, Nomads), you’ll be glad to know we’re dying to show you more. We brought you the Editor, so you could build your dream machines. Last week’s Day and Night Cycle video was the first video footage straight from the game engine, nicely showing how important light is for the game feel and atmosphere. Now the time has come to start working on a proper announcement game video.
We’re hoping this video will help us turn the heads of the game press big time and catapult Planet Nomads to the spotlight as a great upcoming sandbox survival game.
Materials Needed for the Announcement Game Video for Planet NomadsPetr has already come up with a very powerful script. Now it’s only a matter of getting the production and execution right. We don’t want to reveal too much and spoil the thrill, but maybe showing what will be needed for the video will do the trick. So you can, you know, let your imagination go wild.
Clap Your Hands, Grab Your ToolsWe’ve modeled your hands for first person view shots. They are protected by a state of the art planet terraforming suitâ„¢. You’re welcome. Now we be working on animations of those hands. So you can throw chem light sticks around like crazy and operate the essential tools for survival. After rapid prototyping and modern engineering coming to play, we’ve ended up with a universal tool that will use three different extensions – the Holy Trinity of cutter, mining drill and blow torch. The combo should give you a solid head-start and keep you alive for some time.
Green, Mean and Most Likely HungryHowever if you encounter a ferocious beast, your tools are not going to help much. And encounter such a beast you will. We’d like to introduce Big Boy Archibald, the rising star of alien movie productions, you’ll find his photo below. He’s eager to meet you. How will your meeting end remains to be seen.
The Stage and the PropsWe’re talking a sci-fi piece here, so you can expect strange planets unlike our own, a landing pod (or two), and a Robinsonian struggle for survival.
And that’s it. I ain’t revealing nothing no more! For now, anyways. Thanks for reading.
One Last Thing (about New Editor Update)We’ve included a feature where you can load a template of some of our creations. There are three for now, and we’ll be adding a few more. Possibly one of your creations even, if they look cool enough!
As we begin to bring our full attention from the Editor back to pushing the game development forward as fast as we can, there will be less updates for the Editor. However, keep the feedback coming, as it will still find its way to the actual game.
From left to right:
Final version of the Multi-Tool (without extension adapters). Trying to get the best looks from Unity’s physically based shaders.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Meet Big Boy Archibald.

Break it, throw it, let there be light.