What kind of survival game would Planet Nomads be without the tangible dangers of the night? Without predators creeping out to hunt you and darkness covering the land?


Kuba has created a system to simulate those never-ending travels of the fiery disc in the sky and Petr spend a good few hours setting all the variables for best results. You can watch their efforts bearing fruit in our first game engine video below.



Day and Night Cycle System


This particular sunrise and sunset we all know from our everyday life. But life on different planets often differs significantly from our Earthly adventures. Some planets have 2 or more suns, with very short nights or no nights at all. If you are extremely unlucky and the sun is 7.5 billion kilometers away from your planet, well good luck out there. You’re gonna need it.


In any case, the whole sun-cycle system includes a lot of variables that add variety. There’s sun’s color, its trajectory and the time it takes sun to rise and set again to mention the obvious ones. Sure, you can add a few more suns to the mix for good measure and more exotic looks.


The other characteristics that alter the visual style include things like atmosphere’s color spectrum, atmospheric density and even the reflected color of the ground. All these things ensure that every planet has its own unique… atmosphere.


The Nicest Update to the Editor


We got a little tired of the grayish background in the editor. The amazing vehicles and flyers you’ve been sending us deserve a better setting. So we moved the editor outside to a vast desert. It’s actually the same as the one you see in the new game video. We’re looking forward to see your creations out there in the desert.


One last thing! New blocks added to the editor: solar panels, battery and seats.


So that’s about that. Download/update your Building Editor and have fun.


Until next time, Nomads!