Update #12: Nomads on the Rocks

July 17, 2015 by Daniel

The last few weeks were all in the name of the Editor. Now it’s time to get back to the vast plains of alien planets.


Kubat was sculpting new rocks and farming new plants as you can see below.


A new rocky Pluto-like planet was also created to support Pluto’s claim to become a planet again. Let’s see how close we got when the actual pictures from New Horizons come in!


With the rest of the team working on the Editor there isn’t that much progress to show yet, but next week we’ll have something special for you.


An old friend rejoined our team after successfully finishing his Master degree (yayyy!). Please welcome Kuba, who will be coding the graphical user interface for Planet Nomads.


Right now Kuba is working on the day & night system that will allow artists and designers to calibrate the sun and sky color, atmosphere characteristics and other variables for proper romantic views of the sun coming down. Preliminary results brought tears of joy to our eyes. We’ll share them with you next week!


PS: There is a new version of the Editor with 6 new block types – open/closed door, control panel and 3 ladder blocks. Check it out.