Nomads, today you finally get the opportunity to get a tasting of what to expect from Planet Nomads, the upcoming survival sandbox game.


The Editor is live and available for download for MAC and WIN.




Download. Build. Have fun.What to add? This is the initial release so there might be a glitch here and there. Please report those on the forum.


We will try to include the best suggestions and will be adding more block types.
The Editor is available to all Advisors for free. Simply register here on the website or directly in the editor and you’re good to go.
One login works for both the website and the editor.


We also created a little introduction video for you:


First community creations are already starting to pour in. Simone N. showed us one hell of a design for a light assault vehicle. He calls it PRE-Y.
Joshua created a nice ride too.

Join them. Send us yours on twitter.