We’ve been talking a lot about the Editor and how those of you who’ve registered and became Planet Nomads will have access to it soon (it will be the next week actually, or the one after if problems arise.)
However, judging by the signals we get from the community, we get the feeling it is not clear what the Editor actually is and what it isn’t, so let’s clear it up.
What it is:It serves as a demonstration of the “free-building mode” of Planet Nomads. It shows the building mechanics and available building blocks. You can already build all kinds of vehicles and buildings, there are no physics or movement at this point. It is a standalone build for now, but once Planet Nomads gets released, there will be no point for having it, as the game will take over the Editor role completely (with the added bonus of being able to actually enjoy your creations in the real world).
What it isn’t:The Editor is not a final product and it is not representative of the game’s final looks, especially where the menus and GUI are concerned. We just put it together so you could get a more hands-on experience with what Planet Nomads is going to be about.
Why we release it: 
-To get feedback on usability, performance & user friendliness
-To spark ideas to use in Planet Nomads development
-To see what’s possible and what you can do with it
-To get more attention for Planet Nomads (feel free to share the cool stuff you create!)
-To get to know which building blocks are missing and should be added first

Everything you create in the Editor can be saved as a text-file “*.XML”; when you load the XML, your creation will assemble from the beginning, block by block. We’ve captured two of our vehicles getting assembled.
Check them out.



How can I get my hands on the editor?If you’ve signed up on our website, you’re good! We’ll be sending all the info soon.
Otherwise, sign in below and look for the download link in your e-mail next week!