Right from the start of Planet Nomads we wanted to be able to travel freely through vast deserts and desolate plains with all worries left behind. Or rather no worries left behind.


The idea was to have a huge, self-sufficient mobile home and just move from place to place, explore the world, without limits.


This vehicle would have living quarters, workshop with refineries to process raw materials and feed them to 3D-printers that would in turn create all necessary tools and finer building parts and materials. There’d be a power generator on board, storage facilities, you could grown your own food and store water for months to come.



Today we want to show you how that’s going to work in the game. Here’s a prototype harvester with the whole mining-manufacturing process nailed down. The drills in front mine raw material that is transported via pipelines to the back of the harvester into the refineries/storage facilities. You will also need to conduct electricity from the generator(s) to the close vicinity of parts that require energy (you will only need to create an energy HUB close to those parts).


Of course we still have a lot of functional parts and building blocks to create, this is just to give you an idea of what you can look forward to in the final game. Our aim is to let you create complex creations using simple and easy to understand mechanics.