Hello Nomads,


These words don’t come out easily. We realize damn well how much you wanted to try the Editor already and that we’re overdue big time. We are deeply sorry for not having it ready for you today.


The thing is… we are super nervous about this release. As the Internet goes – once out there, there’s no coming back. We are pretty sure you understand the concept of work in progress, but it is quite possible that somebody will take the Editor and put it somewhere for download and people who never heard about Planet Nomads will see it for the first time and think “Oh gosh, what is this crap?” As they will have little to no idea what it is they’re seeing.


We need to create more detailed Tutorial/Instructions – it’s going to be short, but it should have all the basics, so you don’t get lost. Which can happen in the current version. Once you stick around with the Editor for a few moments, we believe everything will fall in place, but the first few minutes can be… frustrating. And we want to help you overcome the frustration as much as we can. After all, that’s not the emotion we want to associate with Planet Nomads.


Another thing is tied with the visuals. Quite a few of the blocks are missing textures (it’s not that we don’t have them, they are just not showing properly, wish I could explain why). There’s also an issue with shaders, i.e. instead of awesome lighting effects the surfaces just go into super shiny blur.


Apart from these things, we’re already testing the Editor in-house to eradicate bugs and improve user experience.


The pics below show we’re really not making this stuff up and that the Editor is a real deal. All the previous vehicles and buildings (that showed correctly) whre created in our in-house editor, which served as a proof of concept. We’re building a completely new one for you. Unfortunately we kept running into little hiccups that add to a whole lot of trouble combined. In any case, the next (and 99.99% final) deadline is next week. Might be early next week, might be a bit later next week. Follow us on Twitter or keep an eye on you e-mail box for the link.


Yours Truly
Team Planet Nomads