Update #4: The Vision Is Taking Shape

May 14, 2015 by Daniel

Today I had a fascinating opportunity to look over the shoulder of our graphic designer Petr, who was having a good time in the construction editor. The creative possibilities are becoming massive. And to think this is just the beginning.


The available building blocks now include spheres, slopes and otherwise curvy-shaped pieces thanks to the diligent work of Vašek Růžička, who has been modeling his butt off to create the 100+ building blocks we already have available in the editor.


His brother, Petr Růžička, focused on the good looks. Creating razor-sharp textures, fine-tuning the shaders for each material, bending light and generally making sure that the stuff you guys are going to build looks extra crispy.


Thanks bros, good stuff.



Props should also go to Pavel, who brought the whole editor to life. He’s one of the code-masters and he had a lot of impact on how well all the bricks fit together. He’s also bringing you the color pallet! That means you will have 16 million colors at your disposal to truly stand out from the crowd. Are you ready?!


Power to You


But enough about us.. now back to you, Nomads. We want to get you involved in the game as soon as possible. For this reason, we want to open the editor for you as soon as possible. We just can’t wait to see what you create! We believe we figured out the best way to do this and now it’s a matter of creating a good interface for you. Follow us on Twitter for further news on this. And for the love of god join our community if you haven’t already! If you did, then please help spread the word among your friends by sharing this post. We won’t make it without your help.


Thanks for reading!



From left to right:

1. Heavy mining vehicle with rocket protection (by Honza)
2. A buggy that will be a lot of fun to drive around (by Vašek)
3. When boys play (look at those colors!) (by Petr)