The setting of our game (unexplored planets) comes from our never-endending fascination with space. And since Space Engineers has already done a great job simulating space works, we thought it better to land.


Which turned out great. We can create any planet we want! The creative freedom hardly gets any bigger. Just deciding on a color scheme becomes the beginning of a great adventure. Then it’s on to materials, climate, weather conditions, all the possible biomes… How many moons? What kind of animals will live there? You almost feel like a god!


But no, as far as we can tell, nobody on the team suffers from a god complex. Just pure and innocent love for sci-fi series like Firefly & Battlestar Galactica, admiration for the diverse mesmerizing worlds of the Star Wars universe and the passion to explore the unexplored.


In this great age of ours, space travel and space colonization will soon become very real. The magical times of the first man on the Moon are coming back, people! And if real-life-Stark Elon Musk can make his dreams come true with SpaceX, we thought we’d join with ours.


Now let us intro our environment artist, Kub├ít. He’s a very special kind of breed who reads a lot of (great) sci-fi – Death Worlds, Foundation & Hothouse, to name a few. Check out what it did to his imagination.