We are Craneballs, a team of 20 youngsters located in Ostrava, a fierce city in the Czech Republic reborn from the ashes of its coal industry heritage. We’ve been making mobile games as a team since 2009 – our biggest success came with Overkill in 2011, when we reached #1 on iPhone US charts.


Since then the original shooter game turned into series, and each new installment was a huge leap forward for us as far as game development goes. While the first Overkill was made completely in 2D, in the second we already had 3D enemies and gun models. Overkill 3 was our biggest game yet – full 3D world, 3rd person shooter, also our first game in Unity. We learned a lot about 3D modeling, did our own character animations in our newly set-up mocap studio. It truly was our biggest game… until now.



Why the move to a sandbox PC game so suddenly?


Our gaming lives started on PCs with Doom, Duke Nukem, Lost Vikings, Warcraft (and so many more) and the platform has always been the dream of ours. But we lacked the experience and tools. After six years of developing games and with the newly mastered Unity engine, we finally feel ready to tackle this challenge. And since we’ve decided to go big, why not go all the way – a massive sandbox game of planet-wide proportions sounded about right to us.


Coming Next:


– Why we chose the space theme
– Current stage of Planet Nomads